Frequently Asked Questions

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Why We Work!

Real estate commissions are determined by real estate companies called BROKERAGES and are not set by anybody else. We can charge you the LOWEST fees and offer the BEST in customer service. It is our belief that Buyers deserve to get PAID for their efforts in finding their own home. 

Who Pays The Commission When A Property is Sold?

Only the seller of a real estate property will pay commission. This includes sellers of homes, apartments, land, or commercial real estate. Remember, only the SELLER of a PROPERTY will pay a commission.

When Will I Find Out How Much Money I Get When I Buy Through $500 Realty?

$500 Realty will confirm the exact commission once you submit an offer with us. The multiple listing service will NOT allow $500 Realty to give out this information to the public on our website. $500 Realty has a $3900 office minimum to be collected on each transaction. $500 Realty has a $4900 minimum to be collected on any short sale transaction. We will know how much the commission refund is once you and the seller agree on the final price.

How Are Real Estate Commissions Split?

Commissions are normally divided, with a portion of each going to the listing office and the selling office. Each real estate office then pays its participating agent a percentage of the total amount received.

Do I Get Legal Advice?

Real Estate Agents are not allowed to offer legal advice.

How can I lose out on the 75% credit or receive a diminished Rebate when purchasing through $500 Realty?

You can lose out on the Credit to the Buyer from related expenses that $500 Realty incur related to Legal and Attorney fees that accrue as a result from your purchase. Furthermore your Credit will be reduced to a 60/40 split between Buyer and $500 Realty if your initial Transaction fails to close and your Agent writes up an additional offer or offers. Please note that the 60/40 split will remain on any offers after the initial offer and will NOT be further reduced if subsequent offers are presented by your 500 Realty Agent.