Buying a home using $500 Realty

How it works

$500 Realty will represent YOU (the buyer) exclusively in purchasing real estate.
We believe you should get paid for the legwork in finding your new home. You spend the time at the computer, driving around, and walking through open houses - $500 Realty believes YOU should get paid for your effort!

How much will I get?

If the seller sets the buyer agent commission (also known as "Selling Office Commission" and SOC) at 3%, then you will receive 2.25% of the home price refunded to you on or after closing. Please keep in mind $500 Realty has a $3900 office minimum per transaction.


Home $600,000
Commission to buyer's agent 3%
Buyer's agent commission $18,000
Paid to YOU (on or after closing) $13,500

$500 Realty can apply this credit towards closing costs and the down-payment, subject to lenders discretion.
It's so simple. There's no catch and you've already been doing most of the work!